Tristar Products Inc. introduces the Power Quick Pot Multi-Cooker

FAIRFIELD, NJ (Sept , 2018) – “As Seen on TV” marketing company Tristar Products, Inc. has announced its newest one-touch innovation, the Power Quick Pot. The Power Quick Pot, a multi-use programmable pressure cooker, has launched on TV, online and in various retail stores across the country. Dubbed the “Quicker Power Cooker,” the electric Power Quick Pot’s multiple kitchen cooking capabilities – it functions as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, cake baker, and more – represent a new generation of pressure cookers. Tristar’s other successful “Power” brands include the Power AirFryer Oven and Power Pressure Cooker XL.

“The Power Pressure Cooker XL started the one-pot, one-touch revolution. Finally, busy families had a way to cook a delicious dinner – without actually having to cook” said Keith Mirchandani, President & CEO of Tristar Products, Inc. “For 2018, the Power Quick Pot is our newest breakthrough innovation in pressure cooking technology. With a whopping 37 different One-Touch Smart Buttons, you get an extremely versatile, multi functional kitchen appliance. Mouthwatering, home-cooked meals are effortless & fast – almost any way you want to cook – even cakes bake 70% faster. The food and cooking community was so excited about our product; we hosted four celebrity chefs for a Quick Pot Cook-off you can watch during our 60-minute infomercial.”

The Power Quick Pot could replace your electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, baking pan, sauté pan, steaming dish, hot pot, sous vide cooker, warmer, and more. Its large, digital LCD display features 37 one-touch preset buttons and changes color depending on operation. The inner pot is made of PTFE- & PFOA-free stainless steel with a No-Mess Splatter Guard. The Power Quick Pot calibrates time, pressure, and temperature automatically, removing the necessity for recipes and guesswork using an exclusive Cook IQ Technology Microprocessor. Twelve built-in safety features include Delay Cooking Time up to 24 hours, a manual setting for up to 12 hours of total cook time, Safety Lock Lid with Magnetic Switch, Lid Positioning Sensor, Anti-Blockage Guard, Pressure Controller, and Cool-to-the-Touch Handle. Consumers are urged to carefully read the owner’s manual and its instructions for safe operation before using the Power Quick Pot. Tristar is offering the Power Quick Pot in a 6-Qt. unit for 4–6 people, an 8-Qt. family-size unit, and a jumbo 10-Qt. unit designed for large families and gatherings.

“I was lucky enough to be able to test out the Power Quick Pot before it hit the shelves. My daughter and I love pasta, so the first thing we did was spaghetti. We threw it all in from dry, with sauce and still-frozen meatballs. Minutes later, we were enjoying succulent, perfectly cooked pasta for dinner. I’m picky – I won’t eat overcooked spaghetti – and this was perfect. With hardly any clean-up!” said Norah Alberto, Director of Global Communications at Tristar. “And when I watched the chefs shoot the cook-off, I was even more amazed. Forget spaghetti, they were making everything! Short ribs, arroz con leche, chocolate-peanut butter cake, and even homemade yogurt with fresh fruit. You get a super-charged multi-cooker that fits right in your kitchen cupboard. So it’s perfect for everyday cooking and holidays and gatherings.”

Tristar shot the 60-minute Power Quick Pot infomercial at the Company’s 65,000-square-foot production studio in Fairfield, NJ. “This multipot does everything for you, and you’re going to have perfect meals every time,” announces American Idol star Kimberly Locke at the beginning of the show. Celebrity chefs include Monti Carlo, top finalist on Master Chef season 3 and host of Food Network’s Help My Yelp; Rock Harper, winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 3; Jenny Behm, winner of season 2 of Master Chef; and Ryan Scott, featured on Top Chef and Rachel Ray. Contestants competed to win a generous donation to their favorite charity by participating in a series of Power Quick Pot recipe challenges such as “Meals in Under a Minute” with “no stove, no broiler, [and] no frying pan… just one pot.” In addition to an exclusive recipe book, Tristar has produced four additional cookbooks, each written by one of the celebrity chefs.

Tristar Products, Inc. started over 25 years ago. Located just outside Manhattan, Tristar markets and distributes products sold on television, throughout national and international retail distribution, online, and via social media. The company’s highest-rated best sellers include Copper Chef, Power AirFryer Oven, Power Smokeless Grill, Power AirFryer, Power Quick Pot, Power Pressure Cooker XL, Flex-Able Hose, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Genie Bra, Banjo Minnow, and the Ab Coaster. Celebrities endorsing Tristar products include Eric Theiss, Sarah Ferguson, the late Joan Rivers, Carol Alt, Denise Austin, and the late Jack LaLanne.

About Tristar Products, Inc.

Tristar Products, Inc. is industry recognized as the premier direct response market leader worldwide. Tristar has exceeded over one billion dollars in retail sales. Tristar Products, Inc. is an Inc. 5000 company.

About Power Quick Pot

Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-quart units, the Power Quick Pot multi-cooker is the newest innovation in home cooking appliances that makes preparing mouthwatering, flavor-rich meals easy, fast, and delicious.