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Tristar Products Reviews Aspects That Made ‘Copper Chef’ 2018’s Consumer Product Of The Year


Taking your kitchen to the next level doesn’t require hiring an architect to craft an expensive remodeling. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to purchase brand new appliances and have them installed, either. In fact, all it takes is acquiring the “Product of the Year,” which for 2018’s cookware category was the Copper Chef pan. This item, which was brought to market by Tristar Products Inc., is a multi-purpose non-stock pan that “replaces your stock pot, rice cooker, baking pan, frying pan, wok, and roasting pan.” Any Tristar products reviews will show that offerings from this company are always well thought-out, designed with the consumer in mind and manufactured to exacting standards. For readers who are looking into Tristar Inc. products reviews as a way improve their daily lives, we’ll spotlight the Copper Chef pan below.


Gimmick-free:The 9.5-inch square pan is valued by consumers for its non-stick properties. The square shape actually increases available space for cooking by 25 percent, but the entire cooking surface is improved by the Advanced Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology. In addition to even heating, owners of the Copper Chef who read up on any Tristar products review prior to purchase soon learned that they’d never need to use butter or oil to prevent sticking. This was definitely a deciding factor among the 40,000 consumers who voted in the product of the Year USA consumer research competition.


Money where the Mouth is: To rearrange a relevant saying, Copper Chef went out of the drawing board and into the frying pan. When learning more about Tristar Inc. products reviews, it quickly becomes apparent that this full-service design and production company doesn’t cut corners. Tristar Inc. knew it had a winner on its hands. Once the final product was ready for release, the company organized the largest media campaign for a cooking product ever seen. This effort meant millions of dollars in TV and online spending would be put toward reaching consumers. As a result, the company saw millions of Copper Chef pans purchased via television, on the internet or off store shelves.


Customer’s Always Right: Those who’ve purchased the Copper Chef, and can offer an accurate Tristar products review as a result, are worth listening to. In an online Amazon review, one owner who purchased their Copper Chef pan in March of 2017 had nothing but positive things to say. “Never had anything stick or burn. You can make 4 regular sized slices of French toast in this, if you want an idea on the actual size. Super easy to clean up, too.” As a reputable manufacturer, Tristar Inc. welcomes any products review that is the result of first-hand usage. From what consumers have been saying about the Copper Chef, it’s clear that this one’s a winner.



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