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Decorate Your Home In Seconds

  • So Fast & Easy - Just Plug & Point
  • Year Round Decorating
  • Different Programmable Settings
  • Advanced Holographic, 3-D Laser Light Technology
  • Covers approximately 2500 sq. feet




Star Night Lasers shower your home with thousands of green and red shimmering star lights. It's as easy as plug and point. Instantly, big, bold, breathtaking lights decorate your home right before your eyes. They make any occasion a star kissed celebration. Each Star Night Laser projects thousands of pin-point star lights on your home, your shrubs and trees, or your landscape. They are water-proof and weather proof to stand up to any weather – guaranteed or your money back. With different red and green star field settings, they'll light up your holidays, make outdoor parties magical, and even turn rooms inside into spectacular star kissed interiors.