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Tristar Excels At Direct Response Marketing
Direct-response advertising is a specialized form of promotion that Tristar Products has pioneered since the beginning. We are media experts and have established long-term relationships with the networks, cable stations, and local broadcasters. Our 25 years of successful media campaigns has created a reputation that our partners can count on in terms of the success and longevity of our programs.

This gives us the competitive edge. Tristar buys millions of dollars of media every year. We know when to buy, where to buy, and how to integrate airtime to achieve maximum brand recognition. Our cross-promotional experience and long-term results are second to none.

Our As Seen on TV products quickly become market leaders and dominate national and international sales. Some of Tristar’s most successful As Seen on TV products include the Genie Bra—the number one selling seamless bra in the world; The Flex-Able Hose—millions of units sold; Copper Chef Cookware—more than $200 million in sales; and the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer—more than $1 billion in retail sales. Our television advertising is second to none and will help take your product to the next level.

We have developed a proprietary, analytical system. This increases the efficiency for targeting the audience, obtaining more sales per viewer, and promoting retail sales. Tristar Products monitors sales daily, and constantly optimizes media investment. This results in increased profitability and the ability to support all channels of distribution.

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