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Worldwide Retail Distribution Maximizes Market Potential
Tristar Products markets its brands and products all over the world with a unique combination of both company-owned and local distributors. We have created worldwide recognition for many of our consumer products, including the Power Pressure Cooker XL, Copper Chef, the Power AirFryer XL, AbRoller, and the Flex-Able Hose. The marketing and retail distribution of these products generate hundreds of millions in revenue.

Tristar’s strategic retail distribution network is based on years of providing award-winning brands to retailers. We have built the largest, most effective retail network in the world. Every type of retailer participates in the successful distribution of our product and sales promotions.

Tristar Products has long-term partnerships with all the top retail chains, including general merchandisers, department stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, and drug stores.

As a result, Tristar reaches the market quickly, stimulates consumer demand, includes highly effective product marketing, and produces sales that soar into the millions. We provide our retail partners with competitive pricing, powerful packaging, attractive point-of-purchase displays, and exceptional in-house customer service. We know how to make it easy for our retailers to sell our products!

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