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Many current household products have achieved market success thanks to Tristar. Some of Tristar’s most incredible product invention success stories include Don Brown, inventor of The Ab Roller; Gary Ragner, inventor of The Flex-Able Hose; and Maria McCool, inventor of The Perfecter. These and many other product invention success stories are proof that when you team up with Tristar, you put your idea on the fast track to success.

Don Brown

Inventor of The Ab Roller

“I did my first prototype with a bent paperclip. Tristar Engineers turned it into the Ab Roller, and now it is the number one fitness product in the world.”

Gary Ragner

Inventor of The Flex-Able Hose

“I hated rolling up my hose and designed one that retracts by itself. I took it to Tristar and my hose that fits in your pocket created a completely new category on television and in Retail Home & Garden Departments.”

Maria McCool

Inventor of The Perfecter

“I developed a new a hair tool for my local customers. Tristar partnered with me in creating the Perfecter and it grew beyond my local Pennsylvania customers into a worldwide international sensation!”

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