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This year Tristar Products celebrates its Silver Anniversary! Tristar Products, Inc. is a totally integrated product marketing company that specializes in ‘As Seen On TV’ products. Following their success in the 2017 Small Business Top 100 accolade, we interviewed the company’s founder, President and CEO Keith Mirchandani to learn more about Tristar’s remarkable range of products.

Tristar Products, Inc. develops goods internally and enjoys partnerships with multiple inventors.

Products are marketed nationally and internationally via television, the internet, social media, and through the major retail outlets.

“Like many successful entrepreneurs, I started Tristar Products over 25 years ago, with next to nothing,” says Mirchandani. “I had little more than a vision, a plan and the will to succeed in the emerging direct response industry. I assembled a small team and developed a range of products that offered an easy and valuable solution to some of the common problems many people face every day— at a very reasonable price.”

“This formula worked and soon led to Tristar Products success stories such as: Hook and Hang, The Ab Sculptor, Steam Buddy, The Ab Roller and Banjo Minnow. These early successes generated millions in sales, making it possible to create entire brands powerful enough to dominate entire product categories.

“This year, we’re celebrating 25 years in business! Tristar Products, Inc. headquarters is based in Fairfield, NJ where we house a 65,000-square foot, state- of-the-art, full-service production studio.”

Mirchandani then reveals what sets the business apart from competitors.

create the prototype, produce the commercial, buy the media, have the product manufactured, market it on television and the internet, and distribute it both domestically and internationally to the shelves of retail outlets all over the world. Tristar Products is really the only partner needed.”

Keith offers fascinating insight into some of Tristar’s most successful brands. Every single product begins as an idea and is quickly moved through every step of the development and marketing process by the team at Tristar.

“Many of our patented items have become the number one category leader. We developed The Genie Bra as a seamless, smoothing bra that’s so comfortable it can be worn all day long. It flatters women of all sizes and gives just the right amount of lift. Whether she’s going to work, the gym, or playing with her children, any woman can get a great shape under clothing without the pain of digging straps or having to worry about bulges. In sizes both big and small, we developed the perfect fit for all. It was a huge challenge, but we got it right with a lot of hard work.

“Tristar Products is unique in the direct response industry. We have the ability to take the seed of an idea, develop the concept, to date, the Genie Bra and the entire Genie Brand family have sold over 100 million units around the world. We have also had the good fortune to have many other major success stories, like the Jack LaLanne Juicer, The Flex- Able Hose, Clear TV, the Ab Roller and the Perfecter Hair Styler.

“Most recently, the tremendous popularity of our Copper Chef Cookware Brand is an excellent case study in how our business model is succeeding. Millions of units of our original Copper Chef pan have sold in direct response, over the internet, in social media, on shopping channels and in retail distribution all over the globe.

It has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for us and our marketing partners.”

In response to consumer demand for a larger, family-sized option, Tristar Products introduced its biggest pan yet, the Copper Chef XL. Customers get the same best- selling features that made Copper Chef a household name in an expanded, 60% larger size.

“The XL was an instant blockbuster product for us. In fact, in just one day on QVC, we sold over 241,000 Copper Chef XL systems. It has already broken the $100 million-dollar sales mark and is still growing. As the Copper Chef brand continues to grow, we have introduced more branded line extensions including the Copper Chef Square and Round Pan Skillet, Copper Chef Grill Mats, the Copper Chef Grill and Griddle Pans, The Copper Chef Wok and Copper Chef Knives.

“We even introduced an entire Copper Chef Bakeware family, including the breakthrough Copper Crisper, Copper Chef Bake & Crisp Pan, Perfect Cake Pan, Perfect Loaf Pan and Perfect Pizza Pan. The success of our Copper Chef Cookware and Bakeware family is not only driven by the firm’s television efforts. Social media, especially five star reviews, have also been instrumental in the success of this brand.”

Keith then discusses specific trends in the DR world, and how Tristar had adapted to meet the needs of an ever-evolving consumer demand.

“As a successful marketer, it is always necessary that we evolve with our consumers and reach out to them, according to their changing viewing and shopping habits. People are not watching television like they used to and as such, it is important that we proactively react to their trending habits. Tristar Products launched many cutting-edge marketing strategies, which include highly interactive social media across multiple platforms. Our ability to engage consumers on many levels expands far beyond television advertising.

“We enjoy an extensive internet, mobile, home shopping, Amazon and social media presence that includes our Copper Chef spokesperson, Eric Theiss, innovative recipe videos, contests, surveys, email and intensive customer relationship building.

“It was not only solely our Copper Chef brand that has contributed to our overwhelming success. Tristar Products successfully applied its winning formula across many product categories and came out a winner this year— many times over. We have proved our ability to succeed, by applying solid direct response strategies, no matter what category we compete in. Tristar Products can adapt and expand our marketing interactions to stay ahead of the ever-evolving consumer.”

Mirchandani shares his thoughts on being ranked in the 2017 Small Business Top 100.

“It is always exciting to be recognized for our success. This year, we excelled across many diverse product categories. The team at Tristar develops winning strategies throughout the various product categories of the direct response industry in an ever- changing market.

“Tristar Products has been able to adapt successfully to consumers’ social, buying and viewing habits. We employ a 360 approach that includes outreach and interaction across all platforms including TV, web, mobile, social media, retail, home shopping networks and even Amazon.

“Being selected in the 2017 Small Business Top 100, means that I have established myself as an expert marketer and specialist in the direct response marketing category. For the company, it means that we have achieved enormous financial success and executed the vision that I had for the company 25 years ago.”

Keith then underscores the vital role that staff play in the success of Tristar Products. He also reveals future opportunities he foresees for the company.

“Tristar Products is not a ‘one- man’ band. To achieve success on so many levels, it is our outstanding team that deserves the credit. We have some very gifted, creative and dedicated employees. Tristar Products also works with many brilliant inventors and indispensable partners. This creates a team that can take a concept and turn it into a product that becomes a brand and ultimately, a category leader. The biggest asset Tristar Products has is its team of employees, inventors and partners. Without them, Tristar Products would not be able to excel like we do.

“Tristar Products markets products that are as diverse as you can imagine. From cookware to fishing lures and from pressure cookers to cleaning products, Tristar Products remains committed to its diversification, yet devoted to our established brands. Existing brands must always get the attention they deserve, to continue to grow and expand; however, new, innovative products have always been the solutions that generate exponential growth well as introducing new products with enormous potential. This is more of an art than a science, but the team at Tristar Products understands that what makes us grow today can be quite different from what provides our profits in the future.”

For the direct response industry, there are many opportunities posed by the new communications technology, Keith tells us. He also reveals the firm’s plans for the future.

“The challenge is learning the technology, embracing the opportunities it provides and developing creative ways to apply it. If the direct response industry can grow with our evolving abilities to interact with customers, it will remain a thriving and expanding industry for many years to come.

“Tristar Products’ next big challenge is mastering the new media and digital universe, to remain ahead of the curve as new consumer behaviours and viewing habits evolve. At the same time, we must support our existing brands while introducing successful new products. The company is evolving from our traditional approach to marketing and embracing the opportunities offered by the ever-changing digital and social media universe. Keith is enthusiastic to outline his thoughts following Tristar Products 25th anniversary, offering his reflections on their journey so far and what lies ahead.

“This year, we’re celebrating 25 years in business at Tristar Products. On the 50th anniversary of Tristar Products, I’ll be 77 years old. I want the company to be poised and ready to foresee and adapt to whatever changes will be at the forefront of technology at that time.

“In 25 years, the cutting-edge marketing we are doing now will be obsolete and there will be new trends and the technologies to replace them. The key to success, will be to stay ahead of the trends and pioneer new technologies that will generate future success. In 2042, I would like Tristar to be a company that creates innovative solutions to consumer products and optimizes the cutting-edge technologies, to create category dominating brands and loyal consumer relationships.

“My greatest career accomplishment is creating Tristar Products, Inc. as a company that creates successful partners and team members. The firm offers opportunities to our vendors, partners and employees and when Tristar Products, Inc. succeeds, we all do it together and share in the abundance that it creates.” In closing, Keith reveals his most memorable moments during his 25 years at Tristar. He also tells us about his family and personal life.

“There have been many memorable moments during the last 25 years at Tristar. One of the earliest was, when the Ab Roller hit and became the number one ab-sculpting product in America. It literally took the nation by storm and created more six-packs than Budweiser. That’s when I knew we had a winning formula. Ultimately, the Ab Roller product generated over $1 billion dollars in retail sales and as such, created the foundation for our continued growth. The Ab Roller patent has been litigated on 37 time and we have won every single challenge.

“Also, I loved working with Jack LaLanne. The Jack LaLanne Juicer introduced the world to the power of juicing, and suddenly revived the juicing category for retailers. Working with Jack, who is a true legend in fitness, health food and juicing, was an experience I will never forget. He lived by his motto: ‘Anything Is Possible,’ and he was a true inspiration. He changed how America and the entire world works out and eats. Jack truly was a visionary and global game changer.

“I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Anjali, since 1999. Every step of the way, she has been my main source of strength and support. Our two incredible children, a son and a daughter, have given us so much happiness. Our daughter is looking at colleges and our son isn’t far behind! We are so proud of both of them. I also had the exciting opportunity to attend the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. I graduated in 2012. It was a thrilling experience.”

Company: Tristar Products Inc. Name: Keith Mirchandani, President, CEO and founder Web Address: www.tristarproductsinc.com Address: 492 Route 46 East Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA Telephone: +1 973 575 5400

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Have an Idea For an Invention?