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Power AirFryer’s Healthy Offerings For Families Shows Foresight Of DRTV Marketing Companies

If it hasn’t happened in your home already, the back-to-school season will soon be in full swing all across America as kids return to classrooms. This time of year also means that a lot of time will be spent at extra-curricular activities. There will be sports games to attend, music lessons, after-school programs, and, for older kids, part-time jobs to boot. On top of this, parents will also have to think about carpooling to get their kids – and their kids’ friends – to and from school and these activities.


Fortunately, parents with a Power AirFryerin the kitchen won’t have to worry about carving out too much time for cooking. This device, which rapidly circulates heated air to cook and crisp the food inside, can quickly whip up family favorites, like French fries, onion rings and more, that kids arriving home from school will love. The Power AirFryer is clearly one of those as seen on TV products that really delivers the results it advertises.


Just because it’s called an Air “Fryer” doesn’t mean everything is unhealthy. Veggie chips, for example, can be prepared by thinly slicing beets and sweet potatoes then putting the seasoned slices on the Air Fryer’s air flow racks and cooking the chips. Once finished, you’ll have a finger food that kids and parents will love thanks, in part, to direct response marketing and invention companies like Tristar Products knowing what consumers need to make their daily lives a little bit easier.


Parents of school-age children will also appreciate this appliance for its ability to easily prepare roasted potatoes. These wedges will be popular side dishes at dinner time. Kids will love the taste, while parents will surely appreciate the fact that they don’t need to use heavy oils for deep-frying.


In many cases, direct response marketing and invention companies depend on DR TV(which is short for direct-response television) to put them in touch with potential customers. Tristar Products helped take the Power AirFryer from drawing board concept to kitchen essential, using DR TV to help reach consumers. The latter aspect is one reason why as-seen-on-TV products like this one thrive in a retail environment; tens of thousands – if not millions – of shoppers want something that expands their healthy-eating options.


Tristar Products is one of the leading direct response product marketing companies and it works with inventors looking for similar DR TV opportunities. Those looking to submit their invention ideas for direct marketing products to this company are encouraged to do so using our submission form. Once you learn about the production process, which factors for everything from 3-D prototypes to print and digital campaign design, it’s likely that those with great ideas for DR TV products will want to make their idea for an “as seen on TV product” reality with TriStar Products.



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