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20 minute Frozen Chicken Pasta Recipe | Pressure Cooker

A meal you can pull together in 20 minutes, no thawing chicken or boiling the pasta.  This Chicken Pasta recipe is a must-try! Maybe you’ve seen the hype about pressure cookers around the web?  It’s all over.  As a result of curiosity  and a desperate need for more time,  I wanted to introduce you to my new BFF…. the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

This is one fabulous appliance to have in your kitchen, friends.  Ohhhhhh, the possibilities.  From slow cooking to making rice to canning!  Sometimes time doesn’t play in our favor, so expediting a meal is a win-win. Can I get an amen?

As a result of needing more time, I thought it was time to try my hand at this Chicken Pasta recipe. Would you believe it went from frozen and raw to ready-to-serve in 20 minutes!?!  So, as you can imagine, it was super easy. But better yet, absolutely delicious!

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