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How To Light Up With All Occasion Decor

It was the last dinner at home before my daughter pushed off to her college. I made a really special meal and we wanted the ambiance to be really special as well. She is the star in our life and I wanted to make it light bright and cheery.I hate whenever I think about her leaving our house and going back to school because it is sad. But there are very spectacular ways to celebrate her departure and to leave things happy and bright. In my quest to just purchase one item to decorate that can be used for multiple seasons I have found something that offers incredible ambiance.

All occasion decor is not an easy item to come by, because you want to keep the decor generic and applicable to more than one occasion  and most products just don’t fit that description.

This is my story of how to have the spectacular starry night with quick and easy decorating that will light your home, indoors or out.  Let’s me show you how to light up with all occasion decor, so easy you won’t believe it!

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