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Home-Cooked Holiday Meals Made Possible By Tristar’s Product Marketing Efforts In 2018

Home-cooked meals are a sure-fire way of bringing friends and family to the kitchen table. Who doesn’t want to catch up, break bread and engage in a meaningful – and memorable – discussion with loved ones? It’s up to the at-home chef, however, to craft a menu that’s going to draw everyone in and the holiday season can prove to be the perfect opportunity. To help these cooks who need certain tools of the trade to try out new and healthy recipes, product marketing company Tristar Products is picking a few standout products that will make perfect holiday gifts – then be used in short order to prepare dishes that are soon to become family favorites! If you’ve happened to see any of the following cookware and appliances via direct response TV marketing, don’t delay and order ASAP to help the home chef get down to business.


All-Around Efficiency:There’s a reason why people cook with copper – uniform heating, easy to clean and eye-pleasing when hung in the kitchen. It’s these perks that have driven so many to read as seen on TV product reviews and pick up Copper Chef sets from Tristar Products as a result. The 8-inch and 10-inch round pans that are part of this line could prove to be the perfect introduction to copper’s perks. Those who pick up this item as a holiday gift for their loved one will quickly see what it has to offer. This means even cooking throughout thanks to a stainless steel induction plate, a non-stick outer coating and ability to be used on gas, electric, induction and ceramic stoves.


True Game-Changer:Pick up the Power AirFryer and throw out previously-held notions of “unhealthy” fried food. This device, which is a result of Tristar’s product marketing initiatives, uses a whirlwind of super-heated air to crisp and brown your favorite fried foods. The key difference – and this should keep everyone around the table happy this holiday season – is that you don’t need to use fatty oils to fry wings, chicken fingers, fries, onion rings and more. The health aspects are one of the reasons why so many positive as seen on TV product reviews have been pouring in for the Power AirFryer.


Favorites for 2018:While every family has that staple dish prepared at every annual holiday meal, now’s the time to use new products from Tristar to find the next big hit. In 2018, we released the Copper Chef WonderCooker and Power Smokeless Grill and set out to reach as many consumers as possible via direct response TV. This two-way street has put us in touch with aspiring at-home cooks who can’t get over their newfound ability to grill indoors with the Power Smokeless Grill. This is accomplished, in part, thanks to the inbuilt electric fan and “Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology.” The full range of cookware that’s part of the WonderCooker set offers an oversized roasting pan that’s perfect for preparing dishes that are going to serve numerous people – such as those who’ll be stopping over this Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

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