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Get in Shape for Summer with Tristar Products

It’s April. That means it’s time to start thinking about that beach body of yours and how you can get it ready for the warmer weather.

One way you can prepare and make sure you have a six-pack for the whole summer is by using health and wellness inventions developed by Tristar Products, Inc.Tristar Products is an invention company with more than 25 years of success dominating the direct-response industry. Tristar Products helps inventors by handling their marketing, product development, and distribution so that they can be on the fast-track to success.

Here are some great health and wellness inventions from Tristar Products that will help you get in shape for summer:

Genie Active Wear

Genie ActiveWear clothes offer compression, breathable fabrics for exercise and everyday use, and help relieve muscle and joint fatigue. There is currently a site-wide clearance sale going on for Genie Active products, which includes free shipping and $6 for each item when you buy six or more. You can find ankle compressions sleeves, calf compressions sleeves, ankle compression socks, open-finger gloves, knee compression sleeves, elbow compressions sleeves, men’s and women’s compressions shirts, and more in various sizes and colors.

Ab Coaster MAX

The Ab Coaster MAXis the best way to get those six-pack abs ready for the beach. You can “coast” your way to great abs with this product’s smooth, bottom-up motion, which creates constant core contraction. The Ab Coaster’s freestyle seat targets the entire abdominal region, and its natural-arc motion works the upper, middle, and lower abs on the way up and on the way down. You can get double the workout in half the time when you exercise with the Ab Coaster MAX from Tristar Products. It’s no wonder why more than 4,000 fitness facilities have chosen the Ab Coaster MAX.

So what are you waiting for? Get these amazing health and wellness tools from Tristar Products and you’ll have the beach body you’re looking for in not time!

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