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The Incredible Expanding Hose

  • Will Never Kink Or Tangle
  • Compact & Lightweight - Fits In One Hand
  • Delivers a High Volume Spray
  • Automatically Expands & Contracts To Its Original Size
  • Save Storage Space
  • Ragner U.S. Patent #: 7,549,448 Ragner, et. al U.S. Patent No. 8,776,836 Ragner, et. al U.S. Patent No. 9,022,076 & other patents pending




Flexable Hose is the incredible expanding hose that expands up to 3X its original length and retracts in seconds. Guide it wherever you need without tangling and when your done as the water drains from the hose it automatically retracts back to its original shape and size. It's compact and lightweight weighing less than 1 pound. The Flexable Hose is made of a tough double-wall construction that's designed to bend and stretch but never kink. The hose stores easily so it saves spaces and is lightweight so you can bring it anywhere.