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Excellent Exercise Products from Tristar Inc.

Not all invention marketing companies offer product design and development for exercise products. But as the leader in consumer products marketing, Tristar Inc. has had great success with its clients that are focused on fitness.

Two exercise products that have really taken off as a result of Tristar’s design, development and marketing are the Ab Coaster Max and Copper Wear.

Here’s a look at some of the many great benefits and features of these exercise products.

Ab Coaster Max: The Ab Coaster Max allows consumers to coast their way to great abs. Its secret is its smooth bottom-up motion that creates constant core contraction. Its freestyle seat targets the entire abdominal region, meaning every rep with the Ab Coaster Max works the upper, middle and lower abs. The seat’s adjustments also allow you to concentrate your workout on your left or right side. Or you can set it to glide from side to side for a quick express workout. Double your workout in half the time! The Ab Coaster Max is easy to use and easy on your body.

Copper Wear: Copper Wear is the only active wear on the market with 88 percent copper-embedded nylon. Its copper-fiber embedded nylon is a lightweight, 36-gauge fabric that allows for easy movement and supreme compression. Copper Wear helps relieve sore muscles and facilitates recovery from workouts, while staying odor-resistant. The copper-embedded fabric even wicks away moisture! Copper Wear is not just for superior athletes. It can be used by anyone who wants to be comfortable during workouts while receiving excellent support and complete compression.

Both the Ab Coaster Max and Copper Wear have enjoyed great market success.

If you’ve invented an exercise product and are looking for the best exercise product marketing around, contact Tristar Inc. today!

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