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Great For Sealing Once, Twice, Everytime

  • Seals In Fresh Flavors
  • Saves Money - Week After Week
  • Uses Original Packaging
  • Magnetic Back 
  • Creates An Airtight Seal
  • U.S. Patent #:  7,034,252, 6,034,252, 6,627,853, 6,630,647, 6,936,790, 6,998,577




Eurosealer is so easy to use. Just place, press, and slide to create an airtight seal that locks in freshness. Keep cereal crunchy. Chips Crispy. Fruits and veggies just picked fresh. Even deli meat stays as fresh as the day it was sliced. Euro Sealer seals bags so airtight and watertight it prevents freezer burn. Euro Sealer is magnetized for handy storage, and it comes with a built-in bag opener to slice through any bag neatly. Forget about wasting money on expensive zip storage bags and stop tossing out boxes that are stale, spoiled, and rotten. Seal your bags airtight with Euro Sealer and keep all of your expensive food fresher longer.