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Eat Healthier in 2018 with the Power Air Fryer

Eating healthier is always a popular New Year’s resolution, and now thanks to the Power Air Fryer and Air Fryer Oven you can do so without sacrificing any flavor! These amazing, versatile, and easy-to-use kitchen appliances allow you to enjoy fried food without using any oil and can help get your resolution on the right track.

You’ll be enjoying fried foods without the guilt in 2018 when you cook with the Power Air Fryer XL and the Power Air Fryer Oven. Some of your favorite appetizers such as blooming onions, French fries, fried chicken, hot wings, mozzarella sticks, and more are just some of the many great recipes that can be made using the Power Air Fryer XL. Typically these foods are cooked in oil and don’t make for a healthy diet, but using no or less oil in the Power Air Fryer XL can at least make your “cheat day” meals a bit more nutritious. The Power Air Fryer can also be used to make some healthier meals such as roast pork loin with red potatoes and green bean casserole rice balls.

With the Power Air Fryer Oven, you can get a little fancier with your meal preparation while still cooking food that is good for you. Maryland Crab cakes, cheddar biscuits, white pizza, and Chicken Milanese are just some of the many great Power Air Fryer Oven recipes. And if you’re looking for a healthy snack in 2018, you’ll love the veggie chips that can be made in the Power Air Fryer Oven.

So what are you waiting for? Get your New Year’s resolution rolling and start using your Power Air Fryer XL or Power Air Fryer Oven to cook all of your meals. If you don’t have either of these awesome kitchen appliances yet, do yourself a favor and purchase them ASAP.

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