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Dream by Genie Bra Provides an ‘Instant Fix’

According to Dr. Andrew Ordon, plastic surgeon and TV host of “The Doctors,” more than 85 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. Not receiving the proper support throughout the years can take its toll on your lift and shape, but now women don’t have to worry because there’s a bra from Tristar Products that Dr. Ordon calls an “instant fix.”

The Dream by Genie bra is Dr. Ordon’s No. 1 bra recommendation for lift, support, and comfort. It is wire free and is designed to smooth away back fat and spillage.

Breasts are supported by ligament-like tissue, which helps maintain firm, youthful, supported breasts. Over time, age and gravity pull breasts down and cause them to sag and change shape. Dr. Ordon has helped many women defy age and gravity by performing breast surgeries, but now he’s seeing the same results happen instantly, without surgery, when women wear the Dream by Genie bra.

The key to Dream by Genie is its 360 degrees of smooth support across the entire band, side, and back. You no longer have to worry about spillage or sleevage. Dream by Genie gives the perfect amount of support and lift while virtually eliminating back fat.

Besides its 360-dgeree smoothing design and comfortable straps, Dream by Genie also offers exclusive Insta-Cool Technology and breathable fabric that can lower your skin’s temperature and keep you cool and dry. Dream by Genie also features removable shoulder pads so you can choose to add even more comfort to your bra straps.

So what are you waiting for? Go to now and get an instant fix from a bra that will give you the lift, shape, comfort you’ve always hoped for.

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