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Instant Replay For Your Car

  • Ever-Bright HD Wide-Angle Technology
  • Records Audio & Video for 14 hrs.
  • Mounts Easily – 360° Pivot
  • Loops For Continuous, Unlimited Recording
  • Super Wide, HD-Vivid 120° Wide-Angle View




Clear Dash HD is the dashboard cam that gives you instant replay for your car! Clear Dash HD uses Ever-bright HD Wide Angle Technology. It gives you a precisely auto-focused, super wide, HD-vivid 120 degree wide angle view and automatically adjusts for any brightness. ClearDash HD records High Definition Video and Audio on a video memory chip that stores 14 hours of drive time. After 14 hours, it automatically loops back for continuous, unlimited recording. ClearDash HD mounts easily – anywhere in your car and the 360 degree pivot lets you record the road ahead, the road behind and even monitor the precious cargo riding in your back seat.