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Tristar Products Are Revolutionizing Healthy Eating for Busy Families & Individuals
Today more than ever there is a movement among consumers to get back to eating healthy. After a few decades of so-called “convenience” foods and prepackaged meals that are
The Current State of Direct Response TV
Direct response television—or DRTV—is any television advertisement that asks consumers to respond directly to the company, usually either by calling an 800 number or by visiting a
Three Great Ideas that were Made by Mistake
We always need great ideas to keep our world moving. But some of the best ideas ever formulated don’t develop from sitting down and focusing with a pad of paper while trying to come up with them. Ideas can come to us while in the shower, as
How to Get a Product Patented the Right Way
At Tristar Products, we can help you patent your idea the right way. One of the many services we offer at Tristar is obtaining patents for the intellectual properties and product designs of your ideas. We understand that there is nothing more valuable
Tristar Products Reviews Popular Products from Past 25 Years
Tristar Products is celebrating 25 years of bringing innovative products to consumers across America this year. From health and fitness aids, to beauty, apparel and cooking merchandise, the product marketing giant has brought the country some of
Tristar New Hires
Direct response company Tristar Products, Inc. is pleased to announce two significant hires: Astrid Hunton as Director of Customer Services and Jim Myers, who will join the team as General Counsel. Both Myers and Hunton are long-time consultants