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Get Ripped, Get Pumped, Get Powerful

  • Upper Body Trainer - Works Chest & Core
  • Patented Rocker System
  • Supports Head, Neck & Upper Body
  • No Stress, No Strain
  • Add Weights For Extra Resistance
  • U.S. Patent #: 5,577,987




The AB Roller Evolution is every exercise you need to get a lean chiseled core. Perform sit-ups, dips, and push-ups in just one abdominal exercise device. Add weights for an even more intense workout. The patented rocker system gets results fast. Its design supports your neck, head and upper body. AB Roller Evolution is an upper body trainer than works your chest and core. The improved design puts no strain or stress on your body. It also comes with a complete workout DVD to get you started on your AB Roller Evolution