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Coast Your Way To Great Abs

  • Smooth, Bottom-Up Motion Creates Constant Core Contraction
  • Free-Style Seat Targets Entire Abdominal Region
  • Natural Arc Motion Works Upper, Middle, & Lower Abs on Way Up & Way Down
  • Double the Workout in Half the Time
  • Helps You Get Sculpted, Sexy Abs Fast
  • U.S. Patent #: 7,611,445; 7,585,263; 7,485,079; 7,455,633; D584,367; D565,134



The secret is the Ab Coaster’s smooth bottom-up motion. This natural arc creates a constant core contraction. Every rep on the Ab Coaster MAX targets your entire core and gives you a “constant core contraction”. It works your lower, middle, and upper abs from the bottom-up. And on the way down works your upper, middle, and lower abs once again. It’s easy to do and easy on you. Plus, with just a twist of the seat, you can work your left side obliques or right side obliques. Or glide from side-to-side for a quick, ab-ripping express workout.