Over A Billion Reasons To Team Up With Tristar!

A Pioneering Partner That Maximizes Marketing Success

Tristar Products understands how to reach the consumer and how to deliver the sales message for maximum sales and profits! Through its multiple partners, Tristar Products, Inc., has one of the largest retail and direct response distribution networks in the world.

From product inception, media advertising, manufacturing and fulfillment, the Tristar Team succeeds every step of the way!

Tristar Products continually adjusts it’s strategy and performance to meet the demands of an ever-evolving, increasingly competitive world. We create trends and set new levels of quality and profitability.

Tristar Products and its team know how to maximize opportunities for its partners! We uniquely integrate marketing systems so that every aspect of a promotion is optimized. This allows the company to dominate distribution channels throughout the world. Tristar creates the winning combination of direct response advertising and retail channel support to maximize a product’s profitability and prolong its cycle.

The Winning Team To Turn A Concept Into A Champion!

Tristar’s marketing and engineering teams work directly with the manufacturers to move from concept to finished product in record time. We have the capital to invest in high quality manufacturing to meet the international demands that our products create. We handle fulfillment, from packaging to shipping. The delivers the results that exceed even our partners’ highest expectations.

With the power of hundreds and thousands of products manufactured every year, all we do is ask, and our factories deliver.

Over the years, Tristar Products has specialized in taking a product from concept to production. Our engineering team and factory partnerships manage all aspects of product development to ensure the highest quality product at the best possible price.

Tristar’s relentless quality control is the foundation of our consumers’ and retailers’ endorsements. We focus on patented products with enormous consumer appeal. Our global network of manufacturers and inventors find products throughout the world that have the potential to become high-volume, high-profit performers. We create and develop new products, new markets, and new brands. Our performance delivers the quality and the promise throughout all our distribution channels. Manufacturing control is essential to Tristar Products success.

Turn-Key On Site Production Studio

The Tristar creative and production team is comprised of some of the most talented people in the industry. Our creative TV group has over 100 years of combined experience producing spots and infomercials for clients around the world. Their short form DRTV spots and long form infomercials repeatedly generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue year after year.

Tristar pioneers outstanding and innovative Direct Response campaigns. Our award-winning staff of writers, editors, producers, and directors delivers results.

The Tristar Media Center encompasses 65,000 square feet and is one of the largest facilities on the East Coast. Tristar is the only direct-response company that has its own production studios, state-of-the-art editing suites, and an award- winning creative team to manage your project.

Our High Definition studios consist of numerous existing sets, 3 working kitchens, 5 High Definition broadcast cameras, a full lighting grid and a complete department to build sets. With HD multi-camera capabilities and a state-of-the-art digital control room, Tristar produces unparalleled commercials on a consistent basis.

We also work with and have access to today’s top celebrities and athletes. If your product needs a celebrity endorsement we can find the star to turn your product into a blockbuster. Our past celebrity spokespersons include Jack LaLanne, Montel Williams, Carol Alt, Carmen Electra, Hulk Hogan, and many more.

tristar studios

Tristar Studios [+]

World Wide Distribution Drives International Brands

Tristar Products markets its brands and products all over the word. We created worldwide recognition for many of our consumer products including the Power Pressure Cooker XL, Copper Chef and the Flex-Able Hose. Thes products generate hundreds of millions in revenue.

Tristar Products constantly develops products for both national and international distribution. We know how to patent a product, and have the international resources to protect that patent in order to maximize profits during the entire product life-style.

Our commercials and sales techniques compel customer to buy. We constantly adjust our sales strategy develop new offers, revitalize customer testimonials, and test new price points. We find and use the most effective ways to maximize sales and profits!

Tristar believes in the long-term value of its customers. We know how to get customers to respond to all distribution channels including television, print, the Internet, and social media. We understand how to market to reach consumers at every level, and we constantly adjusting promotions to maximize response.

world wide brands

Direct Response Expertise Maximizes Media Impact

Direct Response advertising is a specialized form of promotion that Tristar Products has pioneered since the beginning. We excel in this channel of promotion, and have established long-term relationships with the networks, cable stations, and local broadcasters.

This gives us the competitive edge. Tristar knows when to buy, where to buy, and how to integrate airtime, intrnet and print media to achieve maximum profits and successful branding!

Tristar’s Media Advantage means we know how to maximize the impact of every media dollar. We where the media is, the best times and best channels, and we have the network to deliver this to our partners!

We buy many millions of dollars in media every year which gives us the leverage to reach consumers that other marketers don’t have. Tristar Products has the assets to create a vast media presence which can be the key to success for any direct response promotion.

We have developed a proprietary, analytical system. This increases the efficiency for targeting the audience, obtaining more sales per viewer, and promoting retail sales. Tristar Products monitors the daily response, and constantly optimizes the media investment. The management team of Tristar has the experience to fine tune television media response and print promotions. This results in increased profitability and the ability to support all channels of distribution.

Here are some of the channels we featured our products on...

television stations

Winning At Retail – The Key To Success

Tristar’s strategic retail distribution network is based on years of providing award-winning brands to the retailers. From Wal-Mart to Target, to QVC, HSN and CVS, Tristar has the technology and experience to provide innovative products to our retail partners year after year.

We have built the largest, most effective retail network in the world. Every type of retailer participates in the successful distribution of our product and sales promotions. Tristar Products has long-term partnerships with all the top retail chains, including general merchandisers, department stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, and drug stores.

As a result, Tristar reaches the market quickly, stimulates consumer demand, and produces sales that soar into the millions. We provide our retail partners with competitive pricing, powerful packaging, attractive point-of-purchase displays, and exceptional in-house customer service. We know how to make it easy for our retailers to sell our products!

With Tristar You Can Conquer The World

Tristar has an established distribution network with successful marketing companies in over 100 countries. We are the largest supplier of proven products, and generate millions of dollars in sales and profits for ourselves and our partners.

From fitness to household products, Tristar knows what consumers want and need, throughout the world. We develop our products with international distribution top of mind. We tailor our promotions to meet the needs of each global market.

Tristar has successfully sold millions of products to a growing list of countries including Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Greece, and Mexico. These international markets have produced international sales volumes that rival North American. Each year, our global sales continue to expand in all product categories. That’s why our partners have the world at their door!

international distribution

Cash-In On Your Big Idea!

Do you have an idea? Have you seen a product and said, “I thought of that!” Then you need to team up with Tristar Products. We have millionaires out of fitness experts, hair stylists, fishermen, and inventors just like you!

With Tristar as a strategic partner, any entrepreneur can see their product go from the drawing board to retails store shelves. No other partner can give you that potential. Your invention can reach levels of sales that only Tristar Products can deliver.

With over a billion dollars in sales, Tristar Products has the engineers, the creatives, the marketing partners, the manufacturer network, the distribution channels and the Action Team to turn your big idea into big profits. We make our partner’s dreams come true!

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