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Tristar Products’ customer care team provideS the best customer service to our customers. We train every member of the team to be ready with quick answers, technical support and easy interactions. This makes the customer service experience pleasant and reassuring that our customers know they are valued and we care. We are very proud of our customer service record. Please take a look at some of positive feedback received from customers after speaking with a member of our customer care team.

Dear Rosa,
My name is Cie’ K. and I recently had an ordered placed with your company for the genie bras. I had to deal with your customer service representatives and I was dreading having to do this due to the negative comments I have read on-line regarding this company. Well, instead of a major headache, they made the returning of the item short, sweet and most important free and painless!!! Since time has lapsed since speaking with the first rep, I apologize but cannot remember her name. However, Michelle was the rep that helped me today, and again I was met with nothing but professionalism, common courtesy, and a full refund which will be coming my way in 3-5 business days.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about the people that work for you. People can sometimes be so rude, and by this I mean both, the consumers and the businesses. I think it would certainly be a bit different in today’s workplace if something nice was said about an employee instead of the usual complaints. So, here you go-and trust me, they deserve a compliment. Both of these reps are doing a great job and deserve to be told so.
I hope you have a great day!
Cie’ K.

To Whom it may concern:
Today I received my bras. from your company and they were much too small. I called your company , about returning them for a larger size, and had the good fortune to get Kristina (R-73) to help me. She was so nice and helpful. That’s rare today with most people. Just thought you should know. She’s a keeper.
God Bless,
Pat C.

Dear Rosa:
I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Janeen (Rep. T-24), for the excellent service she provided to me yesterday. Janeen was very helpful sorting out issues I had with color selection when placing my order for your Great Hair Day product.
Not having dealt with your company before, I was impressed with Janeen’s professionalism and ability to assist me. I was experiencing a difficult time deciding on the right color for my hair. (Unfortunately, chemotherapy has prompted ‘bad hair days’ everyday). Janeen went the extra mile by stating if the color I received was not a match, to call and a substitution would be sent out at no charge. Her compassion and ability to make me feel comfortable with the ordering process exceeded my expectations. I will recommend your product to everyone I know with hair issues.
Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business and speak highly of your company due directly to Janeen’s service. Joan Rivers would be proud to know that she has such a wonderful employee representing her company.
Susan L.

Last week I neeeded some help from one of your customer service representatives and I had the good fortune to have Jasmina take the call. The problem involved computer E-mail and I do not know much about computers. She wss so helpful, telling me what to do step by step and being patient while I worked it out on my end. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated having a polite, knowledgable, helpful, person to work with to get the problem solved. It makes such a big difference to have someone as nice to work with as Jasmina. It was not what I usually get from customer service representatives and I was pleasantly suprised to find one who was exceptionally willing to go the extra mile to help me. Thank you for setting good customer relation standards for your employees.
Diane H.

Dear Rosa,
I want to write a quick note to praise one of your staff. I live in Maryland and have had to send two Health Masters back for replacement. Jose (T42) has been the most helpful in both situations. I have spoken to other people there and they were polite. But Jose is the most helpful, the most courteous, the most professional and gets me the replacement quickly. I feel that he provides exceptional customer service, and I wanted to make sure he was recognized for that. Jose is an excellent employee. Please thank him for me.
I hope my next Health Master lasts.
Christine W.

Hello Rosa,
I am in Customer Services and always appreciate when I get a representative on the phone when I am ordering something that is not only friendly and kind but very informative about the product.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to Janeen which provide Excellent customer services. I saw the commercial this past Saturday for the GenieBra at 5:30 in the morning. I called a couple of times and was not happy with the services. I am a breast cancer survivor and had questions on the product. I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and love my Victoria Secret Bras. My problem is that I am not as large as I use to be – 38C. Most of the representatives I spoke to had very little product knowledge.

I also expressed that I thought the company might give some thought to having a woman on the show that went through breast cancer and looking for a comfortable fit. They must have had 6 woman all different sizes but no one that had either breast surgery or cancer. Janeen actually listened and thought it was a good idea.

I did not want to order 6 bras – why would I want that many – She helped me with ordering 3. She told me also to call her on Monday Memorial Day as she is working and would help me in seeing what she could do about getting the order to me sooner. I understand with the demand the wait time is 3-4 weeks.

Rosa, she was delightful. I am very involved with cancer research and volunteer programs. I would love to see someone that had breast surgery on that commercial. There are so many woman out there with breast cancer and I think this product will go over very well. I am hoping that it looks as good one me as it did on the models. I went with a large since I am wearing my 38C bra which is too big.
I would love if you could pass this along to the person who made this bra or perhaps even tell me her name.

Thank you Rosa for having Janeen on your staff. I look forward to speaking to her again and would love to hear back from you.

Kind Regards,
Donna G.

Hi Rosa,
I talked to a young man, named Neil, who helped me within the first 5-10 min of the phone call. I was so appreciative and want to thank him for that. His operator number is T44. He sent me a pre-paid label for my broken blender and is sending a replacement. I am thankful for the customer service I received through Neil.
My health is improving and I can’t wait to receive my blender, due to the health benefits I may get from juicing.
Thanks for taking the time to read my note and tell Neil “thanks” again!
Mary F.

I recently purchased an “Air Climber” and had some questions and problems(for instance the gloves dont allow me to use them because of small size).
I had several conversations with Mike(I believe) who gave me his employee ID as well as email address of his supervisor(I didn’t tell him why).
In any event, I take the time to write because of the excellent and unusually responsive concern of a customer service rep. This fellow is a great credit to your organization and an outstanding person to interact with the public.
Bob S.

I am a recent customer to right to bare legs, and I am wanting to have an employee recognized for her excellent customer service skills. Her name is Marrielle, and her operator id #R28. I subscribed back in May, and have not received my products yet. She got them expedited, and still helped me to be able to get the tweezers. I appreciate her efforts very much.
Thank you,
Kim B.

To whom it may concern,
I would like to inform you of the amazing customer service I received from Jennifer (T 15), she was courteous, helpful and most impressive with her professional skills, I can’t thank you enough for hiring her and would business with Montel Health Master again because of the customer service.
Thanks again,
Ruben M.

I spoke to your service representative, Corina T07, about an order and she was very helpful with my problem. You have a very nice responsible employee, and she cares about your customers. I worked for 31 years in a bank and our motto was “the customer always comes first” and she put my needs first.
Annie J.

Dear Ms Rosa,
I am writing to congratulate you for one of your Employee.
His name is QUE ID#R57.
I frankly thinks He is the BEST!
Let me expose you my issue and how he was bright enough to solve it.
I was given a Power juice by my sister on my birthday since May 2009 but it was a Refurbished one and it did not work. I tried using it once and had to re-packed it. I have at least five times ever since I got the juice and was told that a shipping label was sent to me. When I never received the shipping label I called again and gave my cousin’s address and she never received the label for me either. Luckily I tried calling again today and spoke with Que who sounded very concerned and caring. He has good listening skills, after I explained to him what has happened, he put me on hold for few seconds and told me that he will e-mail me the shipping label after I gave him my e-mail address in few seconds I was able to receive the shipping label so I can return the Juice. This was a bright idea, that even I did not think about.
I am thrilled to finally get this matter resolved. I praise for Que for his outstanding customer service.
Thank you Que!
A satisfied customer from Hollywood Fla.
Margareth M.

Dear Rosa,
I am writing to you to let you know the great customer service your agent Kyle – operator T05 has been… I ordered the Healthmaster then I was unhappy about all the upselling ( which I still would do away with) Anyway Kyle did a super job of walking me through the situation and coming up with a plan that made me HAPPY. I am enjoying the HealthMaster so Thank you and thank Kyle.

Dear Ms. Rosa,
I want to share my recent experiences I have had with one of your customer service operators. I have talked with Karina, operator T07, several times since purchasing two Montel Williams Health Masters.
Karina has been very helpful in resolving problems that have occurred in shipping my second blender.
Today, she has helped me with an issue regarding my first blender. It has stopped working and she walked me through the process to test the reset feature. Although we were not able to reset it, she has helped me send it back for a replacement. All in all, I am pleased with my purchases because of the good customer service Karina has provided me.
When I receive my replacement blender, I hope I won’t need to call for a while, but if I do, I feel confident Karina will help me and she’ll provide me with excellent customer service.
Sincerely yours,
Theresa H.

Hi Rosa,
Just wanted to let you know how great and helpful your representative Jose #T42 is!! I had a situation where my elderly mother had purchased over $60.00 with of bras that she realized would not benefit her and unfortunately due to her age were not working out for her. (Too hard for her to get on and off)
I told my mom that I liked them but couldnt afford to pay the total amount at this time. Maybe we could purchase 3 of them and send the rest back. If that couldnt happen we would need to have the entire purchase returned.
Jose, listened very carefully, and resolved the issue almost immediately, by refunding a partial amount back and allowing me to keep the product. Everyone is happy and with such ease and kindness.
Please Thank Jose and let him know, he is nothing short of sheer genius. Very courteous and professional to boot!!
I use to manage Customer Service Representatives at my old Mortgage Company and I do know an excellent representative when I talk to one.
Thanks, for a great product, a great resolution to the issue and a great Customer Service Representative as well!!
Kind Regards,
Nickie B. & Betty D.

Hi again Be Fit,
TriStar Products responded with an e-mail in less than 30 minutes after your message to me—
They say they’ll be sending us another Healthmaster Blender—
I’m sure Jack would expect nothing less—YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!!
Thanks, once again,
John and Agueda S.

My name is Angela Gaiser. I would like to say thank you to Kyle (T37) in your customer service department.
I am a regional sales manager with over 200 employees who work for me and I know good customer service when I see it. I had ordered two power juicers in January and had yet to receive my order. I kept getting phone calls saying it was coming, then saying it was back ordered, then saying if I did not chose a color I did not want, my order would be canceled. I finally spoke with Kyle who went above and beyond in helping to resolve this matter. Instead of telling me that was my only option like the person before had, he thought outside of the box and came up with a solution I would be happy with. I love it so much when people in the customer service department actually do their job and go out of their way to make the customer happy.
Thank you Kyle. Fantastic Job! I would not hesitate to hire you myself:)
Angela G.

Good Morning:
My name is Beatrice Telemaque. I called customer service reporting an issue with my HealthMaster order.
I explained this to Curina, operator #T07 and she was very
understanding. She immediately took action and offered to send me a UPS tag in order to return the product and a new one will be sent to me free shipping and handling.
I’m writing to inform you how helpful she was and quite professional too.
I’m happy she was able to resolve the issue. Please inform her of how great of a job she is doing.
Thank you.
Beatrice T.

Hello Rosa,
I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding customer service provided by Ashley, Rep ID T18. Yesterday I called into customer service regarding a problem with our Health Master blender. Ashley responded in a prompt professional manner and quickly solved my problem.
Thank you for providing such wonderful customer service.
Christy and Maria B.

I wanted to commend “Neil, T44″, for his superior phone skills and customer service. I am a second time purchaser of Genie Bras, and had a problem with the first order. Neil was professional and so very helpful…taking the hassle out of the whole thing. Thanks for a great product, but even more thanks for having Neil help make the transactions effortless.
Heidi R.

I am writing to let you know that I had a great customer service experience today when I called “Genie Bra” and spoke to Chris T43.
From the moment that he answered my call, he was so kind and pleasant. He was also very knowledgeable about the Genie Bra, and was very helpful to me as I decided what course of action to take regarding my Genie Bra purchase.
Since there is so much negativity in the world, I wanted to write and share something positive with you. Speaking with Chris was a great experience, and he is a wonderful representative for your company!!
Have a great day!
Elyse R.

I exchanged my order to get a larger size. While Ashley (t18) was an excellent phone rep, I did not get the pre-paid shipping label in email to return my initial order. She did an excellent job with our telephone call which is why I obtained your email address to tell you about the great service she provided. She was over the top excited but she sounded genuine and sincere. I am sure a letter or something wrong in my email address. Please send me the return shipping label and if you have a rewards program for compliments, please reward Ashley.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you in advance for your swift attention in this matter.
Tie M.

I made a long and complicated sales call with Ashley today and she never waivered or became impatient with me. She gave me all the information and available options and gently walked me through my decisions. As a customer and former telemarketing trainer I can truly say she did a great job. I appreciate her exceptional service. Please give her a copy of this letter.
Thanks again,
Madeline G.

Dear Rosa,
I was on the phone earlier today with one of your customer service reps. His name is Neil, and I asked his operator Id which was T44. I hope that is enough information for you to know whom I’m speaking about, because he was exceptional. I have a Power Chopper I received a number of years ago when I bought a Power Juicer from your company (both of which I absolutely love!), and just recently the Chopper came down with a problem (the motor is still great!) Anyway, Neil informed me you no longer offer the Choppers, but he was willing to check on whether there might be something he could do to help me with replacement parts. He knew he couldn’t promise anything, but his kindness and desire to help was everything to me.
The way I determine which companies I will deal with is greatly dependent on the courtesy and helpfulness of the company’s customer service department. I asked Neil if I could speak to his superior, but apparently you were walking the floors, overseeing staff (or something). So I asked for your email address instead. If Neil is typical of the reps you have, I would hope for the greatest ongoing success for TriStar!
Please, once again, let Neil know how grateful I am for the helpfulness, his respectfulness, and willingness to “go the extra mile.” You have a great rep!
Karyn A.

Hi Rosa,
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great Customer Service Rep you have, Kevin (R09). I had a problem with my Genie Bar order and called August, 11, 2011. I was told I would receive a return label via e-mail (as I should not have to pay return shipping for an incorrect order) and the correct bras would be shipped. I did receive the second set of bras but never received the shipping label.
I felt that this product was falsely advertised as there was no choice in bras – they showed one style with padding in 3 colors for $89.95 with the tax & shipping. When I received the bras they were not the ones I ordered. After I received the second set of bras I received a bill for $102.44. I was hesitant to order these bras in the first place as I read the reviews and there were a few women who had the same problem. Ordering on-line should be a convenience not an inconvenience.
With all that said, Kevin (R09) was so professional, patient with my complaints and very helpful. He sent me a return mailing label and waited on the phone until I received it. He explained the mess up and assured me that I would receive a credit on my credit card for the $102.44 as soon as the bras were returned.
Thank you and Thank Kevin (R09).
Jeanne B.

To Whom It May Concern,
I recently had the necessity to call your customer service because my Heathmaster quit working. I got a hold of your customer service representative Neil (T44) and was pleasently surprised. Normally when contacting customer service for a broken or faulty product to be covered under warranty they are at best unpleasent and make the the warranty process VERY difficult. This young man made the process both pleasent and easy. Frankly it through me off my game. Here I called expecting resistance and got none. I highly commend Neil (T44) and your company for your excellent customer service and also for a very good product. Keep this up and I might just have to give you some more of my business LOL. Take care and have a great day.
Brian M.

Enjoyed superior service provided by Kevin(R09) this morning. My husband and I are doggy-sitting for our daughter (the owner of the machine) who is away on vacation. We decided to treat ourselves to a smoothie but we could not get the machine to operate.After trying all we could think of doing, I decided to call customer service requesting technical support. On speaking to Kevin, he walked me through a trouble shooting process and on the first attempt, bingo. Smoothie time. We were so excited. We feared that we’d somehow destroyed the machine. So we were relieved.Kudos to Kevin(R09) for his patience, cheerful spirit, knowledge, and willingness to help. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Urgently wanted a smoothie,
Frank & L L.

Dear Rosa,
I ordered 6 bras from Genie bra. During the order process I was disturbed to see that I had to pay extra for padded bras, felt like it was false advertising but I went through with my order anyway, without paying the additional funds. I received my order from Genie bra and I tried one and was upset at how it looked and felt, and was now more upset that I felt like I was misled, and I was determined to return my bras.
When I called today to get a RA (return authorization) number, I was pleasantly surprised by the person I spoke with – Marilyn, Rep #T39!!!! I explained how I felt above, she was very calm and asked if I would like to have an exchange of bras with NO COST TO ME!!! 6 bras for 6 bras!!! What a pleasant conversation and I was genuinely shocked, I thought it would be a total hassle!
I’m quite excited to try the bras with the padding, I have no doubt I will be one of many satisfied customers!!!
Most sincerely!!!
Angela M.

Good afternoon,
After seeing an infomercial for Genie Bras in August I called to order them. I have never ordered anything from the TV and I was a little nervous about the transaction The salesperson was lovely and I upgraded my order for an additional 3 bras. In the beginning of October I realized I had never received my order. After calling your Customer Svc Dept. it was clear the order had never shipped. I was assured it would be mailed to me “priority”. After 10 days and still no Genie bras you can imagine I was pretty upset. I called Customer Service and was fortunate to reach Neil (T44). My package was indeed on its way and Neil promised I would get it in a day or two. I received my bras the next day. Now I know Neil wasn’t responsible for getting me my order in 24 hours. However, having managed a customer service dept myself I want to tell you that Neil’s conversation with me could have been used to each a rep how to manage an irate customer. He was polite, he acknowledged my concerns, he was patient, he apologized (no excuses). Above all he was calm and reassuring. Congratulations to you on having such a pleasant, responsible person in your employ.
Maxine A.

To whom it may concern:
My name is Melvina Swanigan and I’ve purchased 5 Health Masters in the past. I had a issue with one of your Health Masters, it was damaged when I receive it. And it would not work properly, I’ve called several times regarding this Health Master. In the past I received poor customer service from your company. After purchasing 5 Health Masters in the past, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to have the damage Health Master replaced. This issue did not get resolved until today, 1-20-11. I’ve been trying to receive help for about a year know from customer service. I was really dissatisfied with the customer service that I had received from your company in the past.
Please be advised…that your customer service representative Kevin R09 represented your company well! I would be happy to do business with your company again because of him! “I truly had a complaint about the Health Master Blender!” In the past, I tried to get my issue resolve with others customer service representatives with your company. No one could or would help me like Kevin R09. He responded to my request immediately! I do appreciate him for getting me the return authorization label that I needed for over a year now. Kevin R09 should receive a merit of some type for making your customer satisfied on today!
Please give him a Hugh thank you for me! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Also, if Montel Williams Health Master Service could expedite my return and replace my Health Master immediately, once they receive it! It was be very much appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!
Kindest regards,
Melvina S.

Dear Rosa,
I am writing in about your rep Ashley T18 who currently works for Genie Bra Customer Services. She was extremely helpful, polite and resolved all my issues with such professionalism and efficiency that I was compelled to write in to commend her. She kindly agreed to send me replacement sizes and expedite the shipping plus gave me a free returns label. I was thrilled not only at her generosity but at her sunny disposition and her swift, thorough response – I wish everyone I dealt with was like Ashley!
Thanks again.
With vb wishes
Lesley F.

Hello Rosa,
I just hung up the phone with your Customer Service Rep, Jefferson, ID #19. I HAD to write and let you know what a personable, kind, non-judgmental, and efficient employee he is!I had a problem with my order which he corrected quickly and happily in a very friendly and understanding manner. He was patient with me, explaining carefully what he was doing to correct my problem all while letting me know how much your company valued my business.I am extremely happy with my experience with Jefferson, so much so that I am compelled to write and let you know. Jefferson is a shining example of what a customer service professional should be and deserves to be considered for promotion and/or a raise. He is truly an asset to your business!
I will be sure to sing his praises to my friends and will recommend your company as well.
Thank you … and thank you, Jefferson … you rock!
Best regards,
Deborah N.

To Rosa,
Hi, I spoke with representative Que R57 on this past sunday, and I just want to say that he was amazing in servicing me with my Healthmaster base. Let me first say that i was waiting for a Healthmaster base for over a month and had been promised by several representatives that i’d be receiving it week after week after week. Needless to say after speaking with Que on two weeks ago, i finally received my brand new Healthmaster base, and it’s working beautifully.
Thanks Que
Jim K.

Good morning Rosa,
I spoke to your representative Jennifer (T15) today and I want to express that the service that I received from her was great. She is an asset to this company. I ordered some Genie Bras and received the ones without the pads. She helped me to resolve this problem in a matter of minutes. She made the exchange and gave me the information I needed to return the bras and more importantly she did this in a matter of minutes.
She is what this country need to help customer service. I am very happy to be working with her and with Genie Bra as I am well pleased with both.
Paulette D.

I am sending this email because a customer service rep deserves a compliment. I ordered the Genie bra and liked the product but the size was wrong-too small. I called not knowing how to handle the problem and got wonderful service in response. Jennifer #R33 took care of me immediately by sending me bras in the next size up. I liked her willingness to assist me,hassle free, and her caring attitude. Thanks for helping me realize that I ordered a reputable product with great customer service as a plus.
Michele W.

I’d like to congratulate and thank Marilyn, operator 39, for her help in making an adjustment on a recent transaction. She cheerful assistance was greatly appreciated. An earlier telephone call (with a different operator) resulted in a miscommunication–I misunderstood the operator’s question: “Are you returning this for a refund?” as “Are you returning this for a reason?” Since there had been a price adjustment, when I said “Yes,” the operator said the sale was final and I ended the conversation. That was my error.
When we (my wife and I) called a second time, Marilyn said an exchange for a larger size was indeed possible, then gave us instructions for doing so. It was done in a very professional manner and with exceeding good cheer, which was appreciated.
Carol & John H.

Mary asked if I would write to you to let you know she did an excellent job at making me a happy Genie Bra customer after being a VERY UNHAPPY customer!
She took care of my issues to my satisfaction and without costing me any more money.
Thank you very much, Mary! and Thank You, Rosa….. you must be a good supervisor!
Nicki N.

Dear Rosa,
Wanted to tell you that Marilyn (T-39) was so very helpful when I called on the 16th to discuss my HealthMaster situation. She is very kind, polite and professional. She was able to understand and help me with my problem right away.
Thank you so much.
Jane K.
P.S. I love my HealthMaster. I eat healthier now. It’s great for my mind and body! I feel better about myself and healthier physically.
Thanks again.
Jane K.

Ms. Rosa
Genie Bra
Re: Ben T-91 customer services
I would like to say thank you to Genie Bra for having phone representatives like Mr. Ben. He is calm and professional in the way he helps the callers. Even if we need things over and over again. Ben is wonderful at his job and thank you for hiring staff like Mr. Ben.
A special thank you Ben. Keep up the wonderful work.
Vera H.

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