Award Winning Marketing Drives Our Success

Tristar Products Awards and AchievementsAs a market leader, Tristar Products wins many awards each year. Tristar’s entrepreneurial spirit and marketing successes bring the company the highest respect from business analysts, media agencies, and venture partners all around the world. Tristar Products’ has earned an unsurpassed reputation for integrity, quality, and success. We are often recognized as the pioneer of innovative ideas in the infomercial business. Tristar actively looks for the most innovative product breakthroughs to develop, create, and successfully implement marketing campaigns throughout multiple channels of distribution. This drive for excellence allows Tristar Products to achieve international and domestic success for a wide variety of products including home appliances, fitness equipment, cooking innovations, health products, and beauty breakthroughs! Tristar’s proven experience forges the foundation for strategic partnerships that provide long-term profits and unlimited possibilities for the future!

  • 2007 Latino Awards of Excellence
  • Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Awards
  • Best Demonstration Show
  • Best Call to Action

  • Best Infomercial Writing
  • Best Demonstration Show
  • Best Call to Action (Commercial Portion)


Tristar Products, Inc. is proud to announce the success of the Montel Williams Living Well HealthMaster™. At this year’s ERA Moxie Awards Gala in Las Vegas, Tristar Products was awarded in two separate categories, including Best Product of the Year. This honor is the direct result of the dedication and hard work of Tristar Products and President/CEO Keith Mirchandani.

“These awards celebrate some of our industry’s most outstanding talents and showcase some of their finest work,” says ERA president and CEO Julie Coons. “In recognizing these achievements, the 2010 ERA Moxie Awards Gala spotlights this thriving and innovative industry and lends insight to those who wish to succeed in the direct response marketplace.”

Montel Williams was named the Best Celebrity Presenter for Living Well with Montel. The Living Well with Montel HealthMaster™ direct response campaign was awarded the Best Long Form – Housewares. The combined efforts of celebrity host Montel Williams, direct marketer Tristar Products, and producer Script to Screen made Living Well with Montel and the HealthMaster™ a success in the direct response market.

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