The AbCoaster is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Experience the new and improved abdominal exercise! The AbCoaster works your abs while limiting stress to your neck, back and shoulders. Perform the difficult “bottom up” motion without straining yourself. It’s your fast track to great abs. Target your upper abs, lower abs, and side obliques with just one simple machine.

The AbCoaster comes with a digital workout counter to easily track your workouts. The vinyl cover molded foam pads provide complete comfort and durability. The seat can also change between positions to allow you to easily target all areas of the abdominal region. The heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 300 pounds. To increase your workout, you can even add weights to the side of the seat.

Customers also receive a meal and workout plan along with a complete workout DVD. Your fast track to great abs is not just about the workout, but what you are eating too. AbCoaster knows this and makes sure you are eating the food to help you get those abs you have always wanted.

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